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The event was opened by Alan Marshall, TBL Country Manager, and Dave Rixon, Phase 3 Project Manager, who took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the contractors and briefly outline their roles and expectations.

During the forum the attendees talked around past achievements as well as their future intentions. The group listened to the EHS standards expected by Tullow and worked together to create a shared EHS commitment statement. The delegates also learned about the Tullow Oil Environmental Standards (toes) and their application to contractors.

To close the Forum, each contractor was presented with a small award to recognise the part they played in helping TBL achieve two years of operations without an LTI. The contractors collectively contributed 1.1 million man-hours of safe working to the total 1.5 million man-hours of LTI free operations.

The event then ended with a networking evening for both the contractors and members of the TBL team.