In 2021, the Tullow workforce has continued to live our values, demonstrating our agility, flexibility and passion to deliver our purpose. 

With a leaner organisation, especially when faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, we saw our people pull together in amazing ways to support our company, each other and our host nations. Whilst there have been uncertainties through this time of transition, our refreshed corporate purpose has aligned our team around what’s most important: building a better future through the responsible development of oil and gas.

Tullow Values

We are stronger as one team.

In 2021, we ended the year with 353 colleagues, 62% fewer than five years ago.

Right-sizing our organisation to support our new business strategy has been difficult, both for those who left the organisation and for those who stayed through our transformation. In all decisions, we took a considered and equitable approach to restructuring the workforce, focusing on retention of skills needed to support ongoing value creation for all stakeholders, while considering our linked objectives of diversity and localisation. We ended the year with a reduction in percentage of women colleagues and an increase in percentage of local nationals across the organisation. As we move forward in our new lean organisation, we plan to improve both gender diversity and localisation.

For those who left Tullow, we provided enhanced redundancy terms including extended notice periods wherever possible, and supported colleagues with assistance packages to help them through the transition.

In 2021, as part of our restructuring processes, we adjusted our compensation packages to ensure they were market competitive and introduced a continuous performance management process to ensure regular engagement between managers and their teams and enable the differentiation of performance and allocation of bonus pay with overall company results.
We continuously aim to improve our benefits  package, to support our employees and keep  pace with local market norms. We added new non-salary benefits for colleagues, for example, enhanced paternity leave, birthday bonus paid day off, gym membership subsidies and option to convert paid leave days to cash. 

We also surveyed our UK colleagues to gauge interest in the option of a participatory Health Plan. Following strong interest, we introduced a cash health plan which UK employees can join and allows them to claim money back towards the costs of managing and maintaining everyday health and wellbeing. This plan is a separate offering to the private medical insurance which
continues to be offered.

Tullow continues to report in accordance  with the Gender Pay Reporting set by the UK Government. Tullow has calculated for its UK permanent employees, the percentage difference in hourly pay for males and females for the month of April 2021 and  the bonus paid over a 12-month period to  April 2021. For more details please see our Gender Pay Gap page on our website.

We aim to foster an organisation in which all colleagues are engaged to live our values and support our purpose, while realising value for themselves in terms of meaningful work, professional growth and competitive compensation and benefits. The framework which encompasses this ambition is our refreshed Employee Value Proposition (EVP), launched in Q4 of 2020. 

During 2021, we enhanced our offerings and processes to support the different components of the EVP. Importantly, we asked our colleagues to tell us what’s working and to identify opportunities for improvement. We did this through two pulse surveys amongst all permanent employees, the first in March and the second in August. 

The August survey, to which 68% of our colleagues responded, showed a strong improvement in average positive scores, reflecting a clearer understanding of our purpose and strategy, a greater sense of stability and an appreciation of initial EVP initiatives.

In 2021, we embarked upon an organisational capability review process for the 24 senior leaders who lead key functions, report directly to the Senior Leadership Team or who are otherwise identified as key leaders in the business. The scope of the review includes comparing participants’ professional profiles and behaviours against the skills, competencies and behaviours identified for the successful delivery of Tullow’s strategy, improving the talent pipeline of senior leaders and succession planning and ensuring personal development plans are in place for senior leaders. We believe this review will assist us in reinforcing our leadership team as a key enabler of Tullow’s ability to deliver on our purpose and strategy in the coming years.

Additionally, across the organisation, we placed a specific focus on reinforcing our culture of continuous improvement and Continuous Performance Management (CPM) through open and honest discussions about performance, opportunities to improve and skills needed to do so. 100% of Tullow colleagues participated in a performance review in 2021. 

To support development across the business, we relaunched our mentoring program with a first cohort of 25 managers being paired with senior leaders for mentoring on leadership and other skills and support in navigating job challenges. 

In 2021, we maintained all formal mandatory training relating to ethical conduct, compliance, health and safety and technical training. Significant time was also devoted to embedding our values in discussions at all levels of the company to train colleagues and ensure they know how to live the values in their everyday roles. 

We worked this year to enhance the alignment of our culture with our refreshed purpose and organisational values and led awareness and engagement sessions for all colleagues during the year.

Inclusion and Diversity
Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) are defining components of the way we work at Tullow, and we are proud of our culturally and geographically diverse team. We maintain a culture of respect, equality and inclusion and strive to be a company where everyone feels they belong. Tullow maintains zero tolerance for all forms of prejudice and discrimination in the workplace and we actively foster an environment in which speaking up is encouraged. We recognise that a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences are fundamental to our collective success.

At Tullow, a meaningful commitment to I&D means addressing all dimensions of diversity and we do so both through our organisational practices and also through continuous education and awareness initiatives. In 2021, we held several education and awareness events that were well attended by Tullow colleagues. The key themes included: race and equity, unconscious bias, psychological safety and the meaning of belonging. 

Tullow is a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving the gender diversity of our workforce, particularly improving women’s representation at senior levels within our finance function. Our target was to achieve 40% female representation in senior management roles within finance by 2021. We exceeded this target in 2020, achieving 46% of female representation, and this was maintained in 2021. 

Nonetheless, in a smaller organisation following our restructuring over the past two years, we will review whether this target is appropriate going forward. In the meantime, we continue to focus on proactive succession planning for women in our finance team, and other departments.

Our Smart Working programme, which was relaunched and formalised during the COVID-19 pandemic, will continue to enable greater flexibility for colleagues to manage work and home commitments, and this is also expected to help women at Tullow to advance their careers whilst flexibly managing work/life balance. 

As an oil company operating largely in Africa, we are committed to making a long-term contribution to the social and economic development of our host nations. Localisation – building local skills and talent as we continue to grow our business – is one of the most important ways we can demonstrate this commitment, as well as ensuring our business has the best people in place to help us move forward. In the past few years, with the reduction in our organisation, rates of localisation have been challenging to maintain, so we felt a new focus was needed. In 2021, we therefore revised our strategy to help us accelerate localisation to meet our Plan Of Development (POD) commitment of 90%.

Our new localisation strategy includes appointing local nationals into more senior roles. During the COVID-19 pandemic we saw local Tullow colleagues step up in exceptional ways. Therefore, our new approach is to appoint colleagues into roles that we believe are stretching, all the while providing support and coaching on the job. In addition, we are broadening our approach to hiring highly skilled Ghanaian professionals from other sectors with transferable skills, rather than focusing our search on those from our sector. In 2021, we made three appointments of Tullow colleagues and hired an experienced Ghanaian from another sector to develop into a senior leadership role in Ghana.

As the Company adapted to remote working through the pandemic, Tullow was able to leverage its Smart Working approach to support colleagues in remaining productive while supporting them with wellness initiatives, especially those related to the pressures of working remotely. Through this period, we have seen the value of a workplace that has embraced flexibility, placed value on managing work and family priorities and promoted employee wellness. Going forward, including after the lifting of pandemic restrictions which were still in place in different ways through 2021, our Smart Working approach will continue to enable colleagues to manage their work priorities flexibly and in alignment with other life roles and responsibilities. 

In 2021, we updated our company-wide Smart Working policy to enable greater flexibility as follows: 

  • Allows more flexibility in terms of when hours are worked
  • Fits work more comfortably around lifestyles
  • Establishes a basis for alternative working options such as part-time, job sharing and others to suit the needs of colleagues and of the work required 
  • Assists colleagues to work more efficiently
  • Enables colleagues to work in an environment of their choice which many find less stressful
  • Enables tasks, particularly those that require concentration and little interaction with colleagues and are well suited to home working, to be performed efficiently
  • Enables colleagues to choose the work setting to suit the tasks at hand
  • Reduces travel time and costs for colleagues and for Tullow

Smart Working at Tullow has been welcomed by our colleagues and we believe contributes to Tullow’s Employee Value Proposition as an attractive, flexible, respectful, and inclusive employer.