We continue our strategic approach to empowering our people and improving our business capabilities and agility.

Tullow is committed to developing our people to ensure they have the right skills and experience for both for their current roles and their future career aspirations. We provide tools, training, support and feedback to help people to be successful and engage with our shared objectives and receive.

In 2019, we continued to respond to the issues raised in our biennial employee engagement survey, ‘Tullow Pulse’, which was conducted in 2018. Key actions included:

  • Addressing the need for clearer accountabilities through organisational changes and a new accountability framework which provides improved clarity and transparency relating to the work of each business function and the role of leaders;
  • Improved tools to encourage employees to feel free to raise concerns, supported by training, events and the relaunch of the Safecall hotline. We also created the Tullow Advisory Panel which provides an alternative channel for employees to raise concerns directly with the Board and;
  • Changes to our talent and development processes to support achievement of long-term career goals as well as some specific reviews of rewards and benefits.

In recent years we have been working to improve our approach to career and personal development. We maintain the link between development and performance through annual performance management and improved our Learning & Development using a blended approach including job-related experiences and formal educational events. Employees can access a variety of resources using our updated ‘My Development’ portal.

In addition to the individual development activities, in 2019, held two global ‘People Forums’ which focused on how best to utilise our talent across the whole Company to help us deliver our organisational strategy comprising inclusion and diversity, localisation and leadership succession. During 2019,15 individuals commenced our Senior Leaders Programme (SLP) and this year saw the re-start of our ‘Risers’ programme in Ghana helping people start their journey to become future leaders there.

In response to employee feedback, we launched a Line Manager Development Programme (LMDP) aimed at equipping our line managers with the skills to support employees with their development. During 2019, 220 individuals participated in this programme from across all our key locations.

Our new smart and flexible working policy, launched in 2018, offers flexible working hours and remote working options, aiming to provide employees with choices about where and when to complete their work. Employees indicated they appreciated the benefits of this new way of working.

We believe that an inclusive culture and diverse workforce are critical to maintaining a successful and sustainable business. We value the rich diversity, skills, abilities and creativity that people from different backgrounds and experiences bring to the Company.

Our inclusion and diversity plans focus on securing a gender and nationality mix that is representative of the countries in which we operate, with a focus on increasing the number of Africans and women in leadership roles. In 2019, our actions included widespread communications to raise awareness of inclusion and diversity and manager training. Additionally, we intensified our focus on attracting diverse candidates through our recruitment processes by using inclusive, gender neutral language and diverse interview panels to help to avoid potential unconscious bias.

We continue to report on the gender pay gap in the UK as required by law, showing a gap of 43 percent at median rates in 2019, which is an improvement of 3 percent from 2018. The gap reflects our ongoing challenge to recruit and promote qualified and experienced women in technical roles in the oil and gas sector, resulting in a higher proportion of men in senior roles. We continue to reduce our gender pay gap through targeted efforts as part of our inclusion and diversity programmes.

Localisation is fundamental to the way we do business in our host countries, and helping to build local skills and contribute to improving local livelihoods. Our approach includes:

  • Hiring local people as a preference wherever possible, while adapting recruitment qualification thresholds to ensure a broad, inclusive pool of potential candidates, supported by development from expatriates;
  • Our expatriates are required to support the development of locals to replace non-locals where possible and;
  • Identifying and implementing development plans for local colleagues and providing opportunities for secondments to Tullow locations to gain skills and work experience.