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February 2024
Group Licence list

Current exploration, development and production interests.

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24 November 2015
Wissey decommissioning programme
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24 November 2015
Orwell decommissioning programme
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24 November 2015
Horne and Wren decommissioning programme
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03 August 2014
EIA for Thames area decommissioning
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04 August 2014
Thames comparative assessment
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Tullow is conducting decommissioning activities in the UK.

Tullow ceased production from its non-operated UK North Sea assets in 2018. The decommissioning programme commenced in 2019 with the well abandonment and infrastructure removal of these assets. Final close out of all decommissioning programmes is expected to be achieved by 2025.

Asset removal and sea-bed clearance activities in Tullow operated licences in the UK North Sea were completed in 2020. Final surveys are planned in order to close out the operated decommissioning programme this year. The Group’s decommissioning activities in its non-operated UK licences are ongoing and are expected to continue through to 2025.