Benefits to our suppliers by Tullow using Coupa Sourcing include:

  • Easy to receive and respond to Sourcing requests through your internet browser removing the need to deliver hard copies;
  • Increased visibility with Tullow on Sourcing events, such as clear response timeline, auto notifications and an in-built messaging feature;
  • Improved ability to view all other sourcing events you have been invited to by Tullow within a single system; as well as a history of previous events; and,
  • Coupa is cloud-based, so there is no installation of hardware or software required. There is no cost to you for using Coupa, you will only need access to the internet and an email account.

The detailed procedures for responding to sourcing events Request For Proposal (RFP), Request For Quotation (RFQ) and Request For Information (RFI) are shown in the Supplier Guide. In summary you will be required, using the links provided in the emailed invitation, to:

  • Signal your intention to respond
  • View the RFP/RFQ/RFI.

Should you decide to respond:

  • Review all information requested and complete all questionnaires
  • Attach all required documentation
  • Submit your respond electronically using the Coupa system.

Please see helpful links below to find out more about Coupa.

Coupa help page for sourcing suppliers

Tullow's Sourcing process

Guide to ensure sourcing process runs smoothly.

Coupa Sourcing Supplier Guide