Tullow Oil makes a number of services available to help its shareholders manage their holdings and to receive information about the Company. Using these services helps you to administer your shareholding and to receive information about the Company. Computershare online shareholder enquiry service.

As a shareholder you have direct access to the online portal known as Investor Centre operated by our registrars, Computershare Investor Services at www-uk.computershare.com/investor/. The portal provides a range of services free of charge to help you to administer your shareholding quickly and efficiently by allowing you to:

  • Check your share balance;
  • Check your dividend payment history;
  • Update your dividend payment instructions; Change your address details; Opt into receiving shareholder communications;
  • Buy and sell Tullow Oil plc shares using the dealing service operated by Computershare;
  • Replace a lost share certificate; and
  • Download a range of forms to notify both changes in personal details and to assist with other share ownership matters.

To access the service use the link below and have your shareholding details to hand. Enter your shareholder reference number found on your share certificate.

In September 2013, Tullow Oil plc underwent a change of registrar in Ghana from Computershare Investor Services plc to what is now known as the Central Securities Depository (CSD) which only affects shareholders in Ghana. Contact details for the (CSD) can be seen to the right of this page.

Computershare investor services 


All shareholders except Ghana
Computershare Investor Services PLC
PO Box 82
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ
United Kingdom

UK: +44 (0)370 703 6242
Ireland: +353 (0)1 216 3744
Other: +353 (0)370 703 6242

Investor Centre website

Ghana shareholders
Central Securities Depository Ghana Limited (CSD)
4th Floor
Cedi House
PMB CT 465

Tel: +233 (0)302 689 313
Tel: +233 (0)302 689 314
Email: info@csd.com.gh


Shareholder reference number

Check details of any unsolicited financial advice with the FCA.

Visit the FCA website