Our resources and relationships

  • Experienced and skilled employees including local teams in Africa with engineering and subsurface technical expertise.
  • Attractive portfolio of assets including material reserves and resources in West Africa and significant resources in Kenya.
  • Strong reputation as a responsible oil and gas operator and trusted partner.
  • Positive relationships with local communities, host nation governments and regulatory bodies.
  • Network of dependable suppliers, including local suppliers in Africa, supporting business continuity and growth.
  • Financial resources that fund business continuity and growth.

What we do


Produce and sell

We responsibly produce oil and gas from our West African assets and sell to international and domestic markets.


Develop and explore

We invest in further development and exploration around our existing fields to maintain and grow production.


Harness opportunities

We seek opportunities to bring undeveloped resources to production and acquire existing producing fields to grow and diversify our business.

How we operate

  • We strive to operate in a safe, efficient and sustainable way at all times.
  • Our success is dependent on building trust and delivering positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.
  • Our values-led culture guides our approach to everything. It drives ethical behaviour to ensure that at all times we do what is right and promotes an open team culture of empowerment, performance and continuous improvement.
  • We actively engage with the communities and governments where we operate to understand their needs and invest to support their social development.

Our strategy is focused on:


Operational excellence


Capital efficiency


Business growth

The value we create

Our people

We provide employment, competitive compensation and benefits, and development opportunities.

Training and development hours in 2023


Host communities and governments

Economic growth and sustainable development, through infrastructure developments, STEM education and high-skill job opportunities.

Total socio-economic contribution in last five years



2023 free cash flow



Spent with local suppliers in last five years