Advancing progress

Prosperity is attainable when communities have access to reliable and affordable energy that enables people households and communities to improve their quality of life. It supports businesses that create local jobs and improves access to health, water and education. Tullow facilitates this through the responsible operation of our assets and zero tolerance for corruption and continuous tax transparency.

Shared Prosperity is our intentional strategy to go beyond access to energy and deliver economic and social benefits in our host nations. Our social investment in education and skills development enhances employability and enterprise development, including advancing livelihoods in agricultural sectors, to increase local entrepreneurship, providing not only financial resources but also the critical building blocks of long-term self-sufficiency and growth.

Our approach to Shared Prosperity

This is how we advance our Shared Prosperity strategy, a core element of our sustainability journey.

Our Social Performance teams engage our local communities and stakeholders regularly to understand their needs and aspirations and any impacts our activities could have on them. We aim to avoid harm to people, manage our impacts and deliver benefits, thus ensuring the well-being of our local communities.

Engaging with partners across our activities means we can increase momentum for enhancing employability and entrepreneurship for young people; expand the talent pool needed for the growth of small businesses; and contribute to the expansion and development of the capacity and capabilities of local companies so that they deliver stronger business performance.

Shared Prosperity

Social performance

Avoiding harm to people, managing impacts and delivering benefits

Understanding our broader impacts

Assessing our socio-economic contribution

Engaging in our host countries

Building trusting and respectful relationships

Accelerating progress through partnerships

Advancing education initiatives

Supporting job-related skills development

Accelerating entrepreneurship

Optimising local content

Increasing spend with local suppliers

Building local capacity

Monitoring supplier social and economic impact

Our Sustainability Report 2023

This Sustainability Report complements our 2023 Annual Report and provides further details of our environmental and social performance over the past year.

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Shared prosperity case studies