About Local Content

We work to maximise participation of local businesses within our supply chain to ensure the oil and gas sector creates positive impacts on the economies and lives of local communities where we operate.

We are committed to local sourcing of goods, services and expertise. It is our intent to build up local capability where we can, through education, knowledge and skills transfer so that local people benefit from development of natural resources.

We aim to support local companies to grow and develop so they can secure business from other international companies. Under our contracting strategy, we require international suppliers to commit to sourcing goods and services from local companies within their supply chain.

International companies are also an important part of our supply chain. They bring further Foreign Direct Investment, know-how and skills, which can further stimulate business opportunities and the pace of capacity building in the economy.


As local companies gain experience and skills, we can then help the host country to promote its products internationally. One of the ways we support this is through working with Invest in Africa (IIA). IIA was set up by Tullow in 2012 to unite the international and local business community to work in partnership to address the cross-sector challenges of doing business in Africa.


Tullow is committed to regular engagement and communication with local suppliers to ensure they understand what we want, can easily navigate our contracting and procurement processes and be a part of our transparent supply chain.

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