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A thick section of oil-stained basement was also encountered and provides upside potential both at Taitai-1 and elsewhere in the Lake Albert Rift Basin.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 1,006 metres and has been successfully logged. Downhole pressure testing and sampling has confirmed the presence of moveable 30 degrees API oil and a potential oil column of up to 80 metres, in sands above the basement play.

The uppermost oil sand exhibited high permeability; however pressure sampling of underlying oil sands was inconclusive. This uncertainty provides upside beyond the eight metres net oil pay, consequently the well is being sidetracked and the oil bearing zones cored to collect further reservoir and fluid information for detailed analysis.

The Taitai-1 well is the first of a nine-well exploration campaign in the Butiaba area of the Lake Albert Rift Basin. On completion of operations at Taitai-1, the rig will move 10 kilometres to the north-east and drill the Lanya-1 prospect at the end of May. The best candidates for testing will be assessed on overall merit, at the end of the drilling campaign.

Commenting Today, Aidan Heavey, Chief Executive of Tullow said:

"The discovery of oil at Taitai has proved the existence of a working petroleum system over 70 kilometres from the previous wells drilled in the Kaiso-Tonya region and further reinforces the potential of Lake Albert Rift Basin as a major emerging petroleum province. We are encouraged by the Taitai result and look forward to the remainder of the campaign in the Butiaba area"