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Our strategy is focused on building sustainable long-term value growth. We deliver our business strategy whilst ensuring safe and responsible people and operations. Our approach to sustainability focuses on our commitment to managing risks and mitigating the impacts of our operations while creating shared prosperity for shareholders, governments, citizens of host countries, employees and industry partners alike.

We uphold the highest standards of governance and have robust risk management processes in place. Tullow is proud of its entrepreneurial culture, something we work hard to preserve. As Africa’s leading Oil & Gas company, we focus on developing long-term relationships with host governments and safeguarding the communities and the environments we work within, ultimately protecting our business, people and reputation.

Tullow believes that a country’s hydrocarbon resources can and should act as a catalyst for host country economic development through maximising opportunities for sustainable local participation in our operations and investing in domestic capacity to broaden opportunities, whilst ensuring this aim is aligned with, not at odds with, creating value for our shareholders.

Paul McDade, Chief Executive Officer

Shared prosperity

We share prosperity by employing local people, sourcing goods and services locally and building capacity in our countries of operation.

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Organisation & Culture

A strong unified team with excellent skills and entrepreneurial flair is essential for the success of our business.

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Governance & Risk Management

Robust governance and effective risk management is central to how we run our business and helps us deliver our strategic objectives.

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Responsible Operations

We aim to minimise our environmental and social impacts, maintain the highest safety standards and protect the health and wellbeing of those that work for us.

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Our business model

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