LVTC scholarships: upskilling impacted communities

Published on: 05 March 2019


Tullow supports the Lodwar Vocational Technical Centre (LVTC) in Turkana to improve the availability and quality of technical and vocational education.

In Kenya, there is a large and growing young Turkana population who want to play their part in the growth of the oil and gas sector, as well as in the more general development of their county following devolution. Tullow’s support for the Lodwar Vocational Technical Centre (LVTC) in Turkana is helping them to do that by improving the availability and quality of technical and vocational education.

This practical partnership provides training in mechanics, plumbing, masonry and joinery, as well as vocational courses in catering and garment making. In 2018, 52 students graduated from the Tullow funded scholarship scheme. Tullow has recently collaborated with the Kenya Commercial Bank Foundation to provide a further 120 scholarships at LVTC.

The LVTC partnership is aligned to the Government of Kenya’s job creation priority in its ‘Big Four’ economic plan. In the medium to long term the programme will increase the number of skilled Turkana who can participate in the ongoing development of their communities. The initiative also supports livelihood diversification.


Kenya , East Africa

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