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Highlights from the 2013 CR Report include:

  • Tullow’s commitment to Local Content: in 2013, Tullow spent $217 million with local suppliers, representing a 49% increase on the previous year;
  • Our transparent disclosure of payments: reporting in line with, and ahead of, the implementation of the EU Accounting Directive, Tullow disclosed payments to major stakeholders, including governments, employees, local suppliers, shareholders and communities of over $1.6 billion; and
  • In line with best practice, the report contains disclosure from the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) new G4 guidelines. The GRI guidelines encourage companies to report on sustainability practices and performance in a transparent way, using a globally shared framework of indicators.


“Part of our responsibility is to try and create coalitions of interests, making people aware of the opportunities and challenges and building a common vision of the outcomes we all aspire to. This is why we publish a detailed Corporate Responsibility report every year.”
Simon Thompson, Chairman, Tullow Oil Plc.

“Creating shared prosperity is a never-ending journey. What I want is for Tullow to deliver year-on-year progress that continues to show how seriously we take our responsibilities.”
Aidan Heavey, CEO, Tullow Oil Plc.