Stakeholder engagement

understanding our stakeholder views, interests and concerns

Stakeholder engagement is a daily business practice at every level of the organisation. The Executive, through to our field engagement teams, regularly communicate with a wide range of stakeholder groups through formal meetings, open forums and on-the-ground engagement.

Consistent and proactive engagement fosters stronger relations and helps build partnerships. 

The feedback and recommendations captured following the various engagements feeds into our business processes to help us make any necessary improvements.

Find out how we engage with our various stakeholders below.


Regular engagement helps us identify and mitigate the key impacts and understand the concerns and needs of our neighbouring communities.

opinion formers

We maintain a number of industry memberships and affiliations that enable us to participate and contribute to industry issues and benchmark our practices.

our people

Communications helps ensure our people understand our business strategy and how they can contribute to its delivery.


We aim to deliver long term shareholder value for our investors. We engage on a regular basis to ensure our investors understand and support our business strategy.

Local and international businesses

Local supplier development is a key aspect of our local sourcing policy and is designed to help them be more competitive in contract opportunities.


National and local governments are a vital partner in the success of Tullow's operations and we must engage effectively at every stage of the project life cycle.