Becoming a supplier

A strong supply chain is paramount to the success of Tullow as a whole.  Whether you are an international supplier looking for opportunities across the countries in which we operate, or a local supplier, we are interested in hearing from you. 

Tullow does not conduct supplier registration at a corporate level. Recording of supplier interest is managed by our in-country teams. Suppliers who are interested in doing business with Tullow in these countries may be required to complete an initial assessment questionnaire which would typically cover the following:

  • Company details and capabilities
  • Country of registration
  • Commercial details
  • Company experience
  • Safety management
  • Environmental management

Please see below for more detailed country-specific information, where we currently have operations ongoing and may have opportunities. 


  • Companies who are interested in supplying goods or services to Tullow Ghana should contact  to express their initial interest by submitting their proposals or business profiles. These are reviewed by the Tullow Ghana Local Content team.
  • If services proposed are unlikely to be required by Tullow Ghana, the Local Content team may refer these companies to other current Tullow suppliers who might require their goods/services.
  • If there is likely to be a requirement for a company’s goods / services by Tullow Ghana, suppliers are invited to complete an assessment questionnaire which will cover the areas listed at the top of the page, as well a section on awareness of Tullow Ghana’s Local Content legislation.
  • Details go into a database and suppliers are contacted when a relevant opportunity arises.
  • Suppliers may also wish to register with the Africa Partner Pool. More information can also be found on the Invest In Africa website.


  • Companies interested in supplying goods / services to Tullow Kenya should contact to express their interest and for further information on becoming a supplier for Kenya. Company profiles should also be attached.
  • Companies who register their interest will receive a form requesting them to complete their company details. Upon submission those details will be held in a local database.
  • Companies who have registered their interest in supplying goods/services are encouraged to continue checking the website here and the Kenyan daily papers for arising Expressions of Interest (EOIs).


  • Companies who are interested in supplying goods / services to Tullow Uganda should email to express their initial interest.
  • Companies will be required to register with the Petroleum Authority, who will review and evaluate the information submitted and provide feedback.
  • Details will then be stored in a local database, and a list of qualified suppliers will be published by the Petroleum Authority and made available for use by Ugandan companies.

Other locations

For all other locations, please note that there is no current operational activity. As opportunities arise, the process for expressing supplier interest will be publicised here.

Please also monitor our Expression of Interest page for currently available opportunities worldwide.

Disclaimer: registering your interest does not mean you will automatically be pre-qualified as a supplier to Tullow. Should a relevant opportunity arise, you may be shortlisted for pre-qualification and contacted in due course.