About our Suppliers

Suppliers are critical to our success as a business. Tullow is committed to encouraging and supporting local suppliers, either by working with them directly or through our own suppliers. A diverse and dynamic local economy benefits local people, and through our supply chain we can help to build the right environment to attract investment and create jobs in host countries.

For Tullow, having a local supplier base is a critical part of our business. By developing these suppliers, it helps us to create value, manage cost and reduce risk, which in turn enables us to keep our projects running efficiently and profitably in the long term.

We have introduced a Supply Chain programme to transform the way we work with our suppliers; the transformation will be introduced in a phased approach and the first phase is Sourcing/Tendering covering the way we conduct sourcing activities for goods and services, select suppliers and award contracts. Tullow will be adopting Coupa as our electronic cloud-based sourcing tool from 24th February 2020.

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Supplier guide


Tullow's invoice requirements and processes

Guide to ensure invoice processing and payment run smoothly.

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Coupa Sourcing Supplier Guide


Tullow's sourcing process

Guide to ensuring sourcing process runs smoothly.

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Invoice Separator sheet

Separator sheet to be used when submitting invoices with supporting documentation

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Tullow's supply chain

As a responsible operator, we strive to promote accountable and conscientious behaviours throughout our supply chain.

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Working with local suppliers

It is our intent to use and build up the skills of local suppliers for our operations.

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Local Content Q&A

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Find out more about Local Content at Tullow.

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Become a Tullow Supplier


Information and contacts for our new supplier process

Becoming a Tullow Supplier

Useful information for suppliers