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Tullow first entered the UK offshore exploration, development and production arena in 2000, when it acquired a significant number of Southern North Sea gas assets from BP. The acquisition comprised assets in the CMS and Thames-Hewett Areas. The portfolio was then expanded through a number of new licence awards and bolt-on acquisitions including transactions with Shell, Chevron-Texaco and Conoco-Phillips.

Tullow succeeded in extending the life of these mature gas assets through focused cost reduction, successful exploration and innovative developments. However the fields have now reached their end of life and decommissioning of the Thames Area Complex has commenced. 

current activities

Development & Operations   

The second phase of the Horne & Wren decommissioning project was completed with the successful removal of the unmanned platform. This project is a part of a larger Thames are complex decommissioning programme.

Decommissioning the Thames area complex

In October 2015, DECC on behalf of the Secretary of State approved the final Decommissioning Programmes for the Horne & Wren platform, Wissey and Orwell subsea installations and the connecting pipelines and umbilicals within the Thames Area Complex, in accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Act 1998. In 2015 the first phase of the Thames Area decommissioning has been successfully completed on schedule and on budget. In March 2017 the second phase of the Horne & Wren decommissioning project was completed with the successful removal of the unmanned platform.

The Horne & Wren installation and pipeline is located in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) in Blocks 53/03, 53/04 and 49/28 of Southern North Sea, approximately 65 km east of the nearest UK landfall and approximately 38 km from the UK / Netherlands trans-boundary line. The Horne and Wren fields lie in and straddle Blocks 53/03 and 53/04. The Wissey field is located in Block 53/04 and is approximately 10 km east of the Horne & Wren platform. The Orwell field is located in Block 50/26a and lies approximately 100 km east of the nearest landfall in Norfolk and 35 km west of the Thames Area Complex.

The Horne & Wren, Wissey and Orwell fields produced gas which was flowed through the Thames Area Complex and then exported to the Bacton Gas terminal in Norfolk.

There are five documents listed in the related downloads section regarding our decommissioning plans.

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