We are a full cycle upstream oil and gas company, operating assets through the lifecycle of exploration and appraisal, through to the development and production phase to decommissioning at the end of life. Our business is focused on finding, or acquiring assets to extract oil and gas which is then sold in the global commodity market. 

By doing the above, Tullow is able to unlock and maximise value from the hydrocarbon resources of its host nations. We are committed to doing this efficiently and safely, while minimising our environmental impact. Through our work, we also deliver shared prosperity and value for our investors, host nations and people. 

Tullow's Activities

Exploration is the process of identifying
potential hydrocarbons and involves
acquiring seismic and drilling prospects.
This may be followed by appraisal wells
to better understand the size and
quality of a geological play.

Tullow’s activities:
In addition to selective exploration in
emerging basins, we are focused on
leveraging our geoscience expertise
to enhance the value of our core
assets. This is largely done through
‘Infrastructure-led exploration’, which
involves identifying new resources near
existing infrastructure. 

Developments require host Government
approval and need to be commercially,
technically, environmentally and socially
viable. Developments are capital
intensive, requiring spend on new
infrastructure as well as investment in
local jobs and suppliers. 

Tullow’s activities:
Our development activities are
focused on preparing capital efficient
development plans that enable the
production of discovered resources. For
Tullow, this primarily relates to Project
Oil Kenya and further developments of
our existing producing fields such as
the Jubilee South East Development. 

The extraction and sale of hydrocarbons
can last decades, bringing material
value to host nations through tax and
royalties while providing revenue to the
participating oil and gas companies.
When production ceases, facilities 
are decommissioned, and the site is
fully remediated.

Tullow’s activities:
We have a goal to become a leading
West African operator and we are
striving for top quartile operating
performance in terms of safety,
emissions, reliability and costs.
We operate both the Jubilee and
TEN fields in Ghana and work in
partnership with the operators of
our non-operated assets. 

Creating sustainable benefits

Exploration and appraisal Development Production Decommissioning
2-5 yrs 3+ yrs 25+ yrs 3-10 yrs
Value creation      

Seismic survey
First exploration well
Exploration success
Appraisal proves commerciality  of field

First oil Government take
Oil company take
Government net cash flow
Oil company cost
Oil company apex
Government investment
Legacy of skills built up through involvement in the oil and gas industry
Local employment for demolition, waste management and fabrication
Seismic activity, drilling of exploration & appraisal wells Capital intensive period for IOC to develop field Investment to maintain maturing production Specialist skills for decommissioning to ensure full restoration of the site