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Gender Pay gap reporting

Tullow recognises there is a gender pay gap resulting principally from a gender imbalance across its UK organisation.  Tullow’s UK permanent workforce is 26% female with only 14% of managerial or senior technical positions currently filled by women.  This imbalance is not unusual for the oil and gas sector where women only make up 20% of the workforce.  Whilst it will take time to address the gender pay gap, Tullow is already taking a number of actions and has made the reduction in the Group’s gender pay gap an important KPI on the Group’s 2018 Company scorecard that determines Senior Management bonuses. 

Tullow is committed to improve the Group’s gender diversity especially at senior levels.  For example, our Inclusion and Diversity Plan is currently focussed on nationalities and gender with the intention to increase women and local Africans in senior technical and leadership roles across all Tullow locations. This is supported by good employee policies, benefits and recruitment practices. 

Tullow continues to strive for an inclusive culture where everyone is treated fairly and equally. Tullow's Gender Pay Gap reporting can be found below, on the government website, and you can read more about it Tullow's Gender Pay Gap Report.

Pay & Bonus gaps

  Women's hourly rate Women's bonus pay
 Lower (mean) 44%  53%
 Lower (median) 49% 52% 

Pay quartiles

  Men Women
 Top quartile 90% 10% 
 Upper middle quartile 91% 9% 
 Lower middle quartile 65% 35% 
 Lower quartile 51% 49%

Response to the Davies Report

The Board currently consists of three Executive and six non-executive Directors. One of the six non-executive Directors is a woman but all of the Executive Directors are men, which translates to a low level of gender diversity.

The Board supports the aspirations set out in the 2011 Davies Report ‘Women on Boards’ that women should make up at least 25 per cent of board positions.


Tullow signatory of HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter

Tullow PLC is a signatory to the UK HM Treasury’s Women in Finance charter. We are committed to improving the diversity of our workforce because we know that diversity of thought adds real value to our business, and gender diversity is an important part of this. Signing the Women in Finance Charter indicates Tullow’s commitment to supporting the development and progression of women into senior roles within our organisation.

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Download Gender Pay Gap Report

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