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The West Africa Business Delivery Team focuses on Tullow’s production and development projects in West Africa. This includes Tullow’s flagship operated assets, the Jubilee and TEN fields in Ghana, and a portfolio of non-operated production assets across the region.  The West Africa Business Delivery Team also manages the Group’s UK gas production which will go into decommissioning during 2018. 

Tullow’s West Africa 2017 oil production exceeded expectations for the year averaging 89,100 bopd. This includes 7,400 bopd of net production-equivalent payments received under Tullow’s Corporate Business Interruption insurance for the Jubilee field. In Europe, working interest gas production performed in line with expectations with full year net production averaging 5,600 boepd. This brings Tullow's total average working interest production in 2017 to 94,700 boepd.

In 2018, working interest oil production, including production-equivalent insurance payments, is expected to average between 82,000 and 90,000 bopd. Working interest gas production, which includes TEN associated gas sales, is expected to average between 3,500 and 4,500 boepd. This brings overall Group production guidance, for both oil and gas, to between 86,000 and 95,000 boepd.

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Page last updated: 12 February 2018