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In Mauritania, Tullow has exploration and production activities across a number of offshore licences. Tullow has a significant exploration acreage position extending along some 750 km of coastline and a small producing interest in the Chinguetti oil field. 

Current activities

Exploration & Appraisal

2D seismic was acquired in the Block C-3 licence during the first quarter of 2015 and Tullow is hopeful of acquiring a new 3D survey across the shelf prospectivity in Blocks C-3 and C-10 during the next 12 to 24 months to determine the exploration potential of both licences and areas for future exploration activity. In June 2015, the Group agreed to farm down a 13.5% interest in Block C-10 to Sterling Energy. 

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development & operations

Production first began from the offshore Chinguetti field in 2003 which is now operated by Petronas. Currently the field makes a very small contribution of around 2% to Tullow’s overall Group production and this is set to reduce as a percentage of Group volumes as production from Ghana continues to grow.

Whilst significant progress was made on the Banda development project in 2014, following a review of the Group’s capital budget, it was decided that funding would not be allocated to Banda in 2015. The Government of Mauritania and the other key stakeholders have been informed and are working on alternative approaches to completing the upstream section of the project.

Page last updated: 22 February 2016