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09 February 2015
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09 February 2015
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09 February 2015
Graham Martin letter 18 April 2012
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Supporting documents part 1 – 14MB
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09 February 2015
Supporting documents part 2 – 29MB
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In 2011, Tullow Oil was accused in the Ugandan Parliament of bribing senior Ugandan Government Ministers.

Tullow strenuously denied these claims and wrote to the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament expressing its dismay that the accusations had been made. Aidan Heavey, Tullow's CEO, appeared on the BBC World Service's flagship Africa news programme and also denied the claims stating that the accusations were based on crude forgeries.

On 11 April 2012, a delegation, led by Graham Martin, Tullow's General Counsel and an Executive Director, appeared in front of an ad hoc committee of the Ugandan Parliament which is investigating the claims made against Tullow and other matters concerning the oil and gas industry in Uganda. Mr. Martin and his colleagues answered various questions and handed over a submission and supporting documents to the Committee. The submission and the supporting documents prove unequivocally that the allegations made against Tullow were false and based on forged documents.

On 18 April 2012, Mr. Martin wrote to the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee to submit some further documentation that had been requested at the meeting on 11 April. Mr. Martin also took the opportunity to clarify some issues that had been raised during the meeting.

In December 2013, the Ad Hoc Committee presented their report which entirely exonerated Tullow and concluded that documents placed before the Ugandan Parliament in 2011 had been forged.