Development activities

Since the first discovery was made at Mputa-1 in 2006, Tullow has drilled over 80 wells in the Albert Rift Basin and proven recoverable resources of around 1.7 billion barrels of oil.

The Lake Albert Development Project is a major development which expects to achieve around 230,000 bopd when it reaches plateau. Development Plans were approved by the Government in August 2016 which Tullow expects will require $5.2 billion gross of upstream capex to develop the first 1.2 billion barrels of oil with $3 billion expected to be required to reach First Oil around three years after FID. The Government of Uganda has agreed an export route through Tanzania and the current estimate for the pipeline capital cost is around $3.5 billion. The pipeline is expected to be funded through a combination of debt and equity. 

Operational activity is continuing as planned, with FEED and ESIAs for both the upstream and pipeline progressing in line with the FID schedule. Discussions on the pipeline project continue amongst Joint Venture Partners and with both the Ugandan and Tanzanian Governments regarding the key commercial and transportation agreements.

Uganda country report


Read about our operational activities and economic contribution in Uganda.

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