Tullow invests in creating a safe workplace
for all Tullow employees and contractors
working on our sites, wherever they are.
As a core pillar of our sustainability approach and supported at Board level through the Safety and Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors, safe operations are at the forefront of our daily work and an important element of decision making at every stage of our operations.

Occupational Health & Safety

Following a return to work after the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, not only did we maintain the strong safety performance achieved in 2021, we were able to improve performance with zero lost time injuries and zero recordable injuries – this is the first time in our history that Tullow has achieved a full year of global injury-free operations. It comes as the cumulative result of continuous reinforcement of our safety leadership, culture and practices over several years and throughout 2022.

A step towards ensuring that we maintain an injury-free workplace is addressing high potential incidents (HiPos). With seven HiPos in 2022, the threat of a serious safety incident remains a concern. To reinforce safety thinking and practice, and reduce the chances
of work-related injuries, we conducted incident investigation training with regular fortnightly coaching to embed investigation practices. We engaged an external safety coach to deliver training and coach our teams through the steps needed to thoroughly investigate incidents and identify measures to prevent recurrence. Specifically, we made an external coach available to support the investigation of actual HiPos throughout the year.

Process safety relates to the prevention of major accident hazards, such as explosions, fires, and toxic releases associated with the use and production of chemicals and process fluids.

Tullow’s process safety management system includes policies, standards and risk management activities covering all our operations from exploration, during production through to decommissioning.

Our systems aim to ensure that all hazards with the potential to lead to major accidents are identified and measures are undertaken to prevent and limit their consequences to people and the environment, with the aim of reducing risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). We make appropriate preparations to respond to emergencies including any consequences beyond our site boundaries.

In 2022, we maintained our pace of awareness and training to ensure process safety is upheld at all times, including:
- Completed our twelve-month campaign to engage front line workers on our implementation of the Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) Process Safety Fundamentals (PSF). We reviewed the implementation of PSF and observed that they are reflected in practices across
our operations.
- Conducted Process Safety Risk Assessment training in Ghana using an external expert to provide training and work closely with the local technical team to address detailed aspects of risk management and safety incident prevention.Completed Human Factors Training for all our workforce, focussing on mitigating human errors at all stages of our operations to prevent safety incidents.

We do all we can to prepare our staff to rapidly adapt and respond to unforeseen events in order to maintain business continuity and minimise negative impacts on people, the environment, our physical and intellectual assets and our reputation. Our detailed and careful implementation of asset protection related policies, standards and plans incorporating security, business continuity, and crisis and emergency management (CEM) provide a strong basis for Tullow’s ongoing preparedness to respond to any emergency.

In 2022, we continued our programme of emergency response training and exercises involving credible emergency scenarios. Specifically, we conducted a major emergency response training with the Jubilee FPSO, Tullow Ghana Incident Management Team and the Crisis Management Team in mid-2022.

The Simulation Experience (SIMEX) scenario was completed with all the ‘PEAR’ (people, environment, asset, reputation) priorities being included and the exercise rehearsed the three response tiers from the FPSO offshore in Ghana to the CMT in London.

Wellness is a year-round priority at Tullow and we maintain a full suite of wellness programmes to support our colleagues in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We believe in helping our colleagues to meet personal wellness goals and that doing so contributes to a positive spirit at work and high productivity. In addition to our diverse wellness activities, we maintain an in-house occupational health nurse and clinical psychologist to provide support to colleagues as needed. This year, we also launched a comprehensive wellness intranet site to make it easier for colleagues to find information on our wellness programmes and our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which offers individual counselling on any personal issue including mental health challenges.

In 2022, our Global Wellness Agenda comprised a range of planned activities each month, including talks on addressing disease, workshops on sophrology and mental health, health checks, sports events and first aid training. We also launched the Global Tullow Book Club to encourage reading as a fun and stress-relieving activity with a social element of discussion on books read. In May, we provided all employees with a Wellness Afternoon Off, to give them personal time to rest and re-energise.

A focal point of the year was our annual global Wellness Fortnight in November, during which the entire company came together to participate in multiple health and wellness activities including a global exercise challenge, a virtualisation workshop and talks on cancer awareness, menopause and nutrition by leading experts in these fields.

Our promotion of healthy lifestyles extends to our partners and contractors working at Tullow sites. In 2022, for example, we held a contractor forum on the topic of Occupational Health and Wellbeing with an aim to promote awareness of health management and wellness practices. The event was attended by more than 50 representatives of 28 contractor companies, and covered topics such as fatigue management, stress and advice for general health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our Sustainability Report 2022

This Sustainability Report complements our 2022 Annual Report and provides further details of our environmental and social performance over the past year.

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