Responsible operations

Safety and wellness

We are committed to ensuring our colleagues and host communities are kept safe and well, and to raising awareness of potential dangers related to our operations and the locations where we operate. Providing a safe working environment for our employees and contractors is a core value and business priority and our performance on safety and sustainability is incentivised through our annual corporate scorecard. Our goal is to achieve top industry quartile safety performance.

Tullow is committed to improving employee health, wellbeing and resilience in the workplace, and a new employee wellbeing and resilience programme was introduced in the latter part of 2018. This will be further rolled out globally in 2019 across the organisation.

Responsible production

Major accident hazards represent a material risk to Tullow. To address this, process safety management policies, standards and plans are applied to all drilling and production activities. They are incorporated in planning and decision making throughout the project life cycle, from concept selection, design and construction through to commissioning, operations, modifications and decommissioning.

Tullow’s approach to asset protection incorporates the traditional corporate security function, business continuity, and crisis and emergency management (CEM). Our policies, standards and plans in this area apply to all employees and contractors. They are designed to protect Tullow’s assets (people, physical and intellectual) and reputation from sources of potential and actual harm. They also ensure that we can rapidly adapt and respond in a resilient way to unforeseen events that could impact normal business operations and mitigate the impact on people, the environment, assets and our reputation.

Agreed plans, procedures and resources are in place that cover all operational activities, ensuring that we are ready to respond to any major emergency. These plans are based on credible emergency scenarios identified during the ESIA process and/or the Business Unit/activity risk assessment, and follow the mandatory requirements of the Group Emergency Preparedness Standard.


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