Oguendjo Blend

About Oguendjo Blend

  • Oguendjo Blend is a mixture of crudes produced from fields on and offshore Gabon.
  • Tullow has entitlement to ~20% of Oguendjo Blend production.


  • Oguendjo Blend is currently producing around 45,000 bopd.


  • Intermediate.


  • Standard cargo Size 950 kbbls +/- 5%.
  • Option to offer 650 +/- 5% with prior notice.


  • Oguendjo Blend loads from the Perenco operated FSO Fernan Vaz, a converted VLCC through an offshore Single Buoy Mooring (SBM).
  • The FSO gathering point is located 10kms west of Port Gentil, Gabon.
  • Storage capacity 1.8 Mbbls.
  • Flexible Logistics, terminal can accept Aframax, Suezmax and VLCC’s calling either 1st or 2nd Port.
  • Maximum Displacement 360kt.


  • Oguendjo Blend has a range of buyers and has established itself well in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.


  • In 2014 the Operator Perenco and Tullow undertook a plan to introduce a new stream, Tchatamba into the Oguendjo Blend and install an SBM loading buoy.
  • This doubled production and made subtle improvements to quality.
  • SBM operational from 2015, can load at 48 kbbls/hr.

Oguendjo Blend Assay

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oguendjo blend properties

Whole Crude Property Units Oguendjo Blend
 API API 35.63
 Sulphur WT% 0.75
 Nitrogen Ppm 1,100
 TAN No.  mgKOH/g 0.57
 Pour Point OC <9
 Vanadium Ppm 12
 Nickel Ppm 22
 Cut (deg C) Yield %  Oguendjo Blend
 Gas-500/15 WT% 2.84
 Nap 15/175 WT% 20.93
 Kero 175/250 WT% 12.12
 Dist 250/360 WT%
 VGO 360/565 WT%
 VRES 565/999 WT% 16.78