Working in partnership to improve the level of standards

Published on: 01 December 2013

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Case study about how Tullow closes the gap between standards in local, undeveloped markets and international standards.

The standards gap

There is often a gap between local standards in an undeveloped market and the international standards with which Tullow must adhere to. These standards are often in key areas such as the environment and health and safety. If a local company decides to raise its own standards this usually means investment in training and skills development. The associated costs can put this business at a competitive disadvantage within the market.

Improving standards

While local government regulation will seek to improve standards these are often not as high as the international standards required in developed economies. When Tullow enters a local market, supplier and enterprise development initiatives raise local standards for many suppliers to much stronger international standards. This helps to create a dynamic and competitive market with multiple pre-qualified suppliers and enables us and other international suppliers to award contracts to local businesses.

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