Promoting local supplier participation in Kenya

Published on: 10 April 2015


Tullow has been working with Tai Enterprises Limited, a Kenyan civil engineering firm, since February 2012 as part of our commitment to promote local supplier participation.

Tai Enterprises employs 165 people, 98% of whom are Kenyan and 73% of whom are from Turkana, where Tullow operates. This partnership has strengthened Tullow’s relationship with the local district administration and has promoted capacity building.

Tai Enterprises has undertaken civil and structural construction work for Tullow, providing sewerage and waste water facilities, road construction, plumbing, bridges and footpaths. The company promotes local community involvement by hiring local equipment, such as light vehicles, trucks and construction materials. This greatly strengthened community relations and support for the sector’s activities.

Page last updated: 10 April 2015