Malaria management

Published on: 27 February 2015


Our robust malaria management standard has been in place since 2012 and we provide malaria prevention tablets and diagnostic and treatment kits to all of our staff travelling to malaria endemic locations.

Over time, we have improved the accessibility of malaria information via our internal channels and through our Medical Assistance Provider. We also have an online malaria training programme, which must be completed by all employees travelling to malaria endemic locations to ensure that they understand what steps they need to take to reduce the risk of malaria. Last year, the online programme was used by over one thousand people.

In 2014, three employees contracted malaria as a result of travelling overseas to work at Tullow’s operations. Investigations into these cases showed the need for further malaria awareness and the need to reinforce that our travellers should travel with their malaria kits and practice good bite prevention.  All three employees made a full recovery. While this is a relatively small number of affected employees, there had been no cases the previous year and our goal is to return to that position.

To help meet that goal, we have increased awareness through internal communication channels and highlighting events such as World Malaria Day. We are also taking steps to make it even easier for our employees to readily identify symptoms and have the confidence to self-administer malaria treatments.

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