Developing local suppliers in Ghana

Published on: 23 March 2015

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Interview with Macro Group, a Ghanaian company that offers a portfolio of services including shipping, logistics and trucking and has worked with Tullow since 2009.

Macro Group is a Ghanaian company that offers a portfolio of services including shipping, logistics and trucking. The company started life as Macro Shipping in 2005, and has grown by recognising further opportunities in the emerging oil and gas industry and adding additional services including Macro Logistics and Macro Trucking.

The company started with three members of staff in 2005 and now employs over 75 people. Macro Group has worked with Tullow since 2009, providing heavy vehicles and drivers and ports and harbours agency services.

Its founder Kwame Macafui, talks about the Macro Group and their work with Tullow.

Q: What do you find positive about working with Tullow?

I'd describe working for Tullow as like being in school, but it's fascinating as everyone is prepared to learn, with no complaints. Since the start of our relationship we have learned a number of lessons and have grown in experience as an organisation. While some lessons are positive and others more challenging, we believe that as we work together more, our business will continue to improve.

Q: In what ways has your business changed since working with Tullow?

Tullow has a remarkable environment, health and safety management system and it ensures that we conform to the high standards within this industry. Tullow's stance on EHS has made us focus on the same direction to keep us ahead of the market and our competitors. One of our objectives is to build a strong safety culture and we regularly train our staff in a number of internationally recognised EHS practices.

Q: Do you feel the skills learnt by working with Tullow are transferable both in-country and internationally?

Yes we do and we very much appreciate the opportunity and experience we have gained. Working with Tullow has helped us to raise and set our own standards and we believe we are prepared for work around the world. Each tender process we go through is tough and challenging, but we consider them to be learning curves that help prepare us for world-class performance anywhere, anytime.


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