Community engagement on fishing zones

Published on: 30 November 2014


Sessions to make the fishing communities aware of the potential danger of fishing too close to operations.

Tullow Ghana adopts an innovative approach to engage fishing communities on the exclusive zone surrounding the Jubilee Field. The main focus of these engagement sessions is to make the fishing communities aware of the potential dangers of coming close to the Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel as well as the precautionary measures we take to prevent such situations.

Successful engagements were carried out along the six coastal districts of the Western Region to help school children, churches and women groups become community peer educators in emphasising ‘safe fishing’ offshore.  In parallel, the Jubilee partners have run an educational programme over the last few years to enhance livelihoods, develop enterprises, promote good business practices, raise awareness of occupational hygiene and safety among fishing communities. These programmes have helped significantly reduce the rates of canoes entering the Jubilee Field exclusive zone, as well as providing fishermen access to best fishing practices.


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