Angus McCoss

Exploration Director

Executive Director

Angus McCoss (age 56, British) was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2006 following 21 years of wide-ranging exploration experience, working primarily with Shell in Africa, Europe, China, South America and the Middle East. Angus held a number of senior positions at Shell, including Regional Vice President of Exploration for the Americas and General Manager of Exploration in Nigeria. He holds a PhD in Structural Geology.


EHS Committee.

Other directorships and offices

Angus is a non-executive director of Providence Resources plc, an Ireland-based oil and gas exploration company with a portfolio of appraisal and exploration assets located offshore Ireland and shares quoted on the AIM in London and the ESM in Dublin. Angus is also
a non‑executive director of Ikon Science Limited and a member of the advisory board of the industry backed Energy and Geoscience Institute of the University of Utah.