Governance & risk management

Good Governance & Risk management

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of governance and managing risk effectively. This involves:

  • Ensuring our Board is fully accountable for governance and risk management;
  • Upholding the highest business ethics, including a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption;
  • Demonstrating transparency in our contracting processes;
  • Developing good long term relationships with host governments; and
  • Ensuring the communities and environment we operate amongst are protected.

an overview of tullow's code of ethical conduct

  • Complying with all applicable laws;
  • Committed to high Environment, Health and Safety Standards;
  • Treating employees, industry partners and local communities fairly and with respect;
  • Not making or accepting illegal payments;
  • Committed to Corporate Responsibility;
  • Ensuring all documentation including financial accounts and records, are accurate, complete and truthful;
  • Protecting our assets and respecting those of others;
  • Competing fairly; and
  • Reporting all concerns and violations in a spirit of openness and transparency.


We work to ensure our employees have a safe and open environment to raise any concerns. Our people and our contractors can raise issues or concerns either through our internal processes or use an independent, external ‘speaking up’ line.

We deal with any breaches of the Code of Business Ethics through internal investigations, which if necessary, result in individuals or suppliers leaving the company or having their contracts terminated.


As well as ensuring that our own operations comply with our Code, we apply the same standards to our suppliers. We carry out robust risk-based due diligence processes on new suppliers and other prospective partners who are working on higher risk activities. We also raise awareness of our compliance and ethics requirements at supplier forums.

We make sure all suppliers have an equal opportunity to tender for contracts to supply to Tullow by providing:

  • Advance notice of tenders;
  • An overview of the standards potential suppliers are required to meet; and
  • Providing feedback to all unsuccessful companies on why they were not selected.