Tullow’s commitment to local content

We have made a commitment to playing our part in ensuring that the success of the oil and gas industry brings transparent and tangible benefits to local people and national economies where we operate. This means that:

  • We are committed to attracting local companies into all levels of our supply chain, helping to build their capacity so we can source competitive local goods, services and skills to industry required international standards
  • We are committed to engaging with local companies as early as possible in the Oil Life Cycle
  • We are committed to working with our partners and international suppliers to contribute to host country economies by sourcing locally; employing, training and developing nationals; and investing in local capacity
  • We believe that Foreign Direct Investment is a real benefit to the host countries where we operate and are committed to bringing the benefits of this investment to support our efforts in delivering sustainable local content
  • We are committed to regular engagement and communication with local suppliers to ensure they understand what we want, can easily navigate our contracting and procurement processes and be a part of our transparent supply chain
  • We are committed to working effectively with our suppliers to improve overall performance throughout our supply chain
  • We are committed to working closely with key stakeholders at all levels of the community, government and regulator to ensure the delivery of strong local content legislation to support the above commitments

Our commitment, supported by ethical and responsible business practices, will help us to achieve a sustainable and competitive local supply chain for Tullow, building futures in the countries where we operate.

November 2013