Creating shared prosperity

Our strategic priority related to shared prosperity is to nurture long-term relationships with local governments, communities and key stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of creating a positive and lasting contribution to economic and social development in the communities and countries where we operate.

Creating shared prosperity is synonymous with our Corporate Responsibility strategy, and focuses on eight components. Our financial performance underpins our ability to meet our commitments to our employees, suppliers and providers of capital. Our approach to governance, the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), people, supply chain, Local Content and Social Performance directly affect our ability to run our business successfully. Stakeholder engagement is critical to all aspects of our business, helping to ensure we operate effectively and responsibly.

  • key governanceGovernance
    Manage our business ethically and with integrity
  • key peoplePeople
    Create a rewarding, challenging and great place to work
  • key environment health safetyEnvironment, Health & Safety
    Keep people safe and minimise our environmental footprint
  • key financialFinancial
    Deliver returns to shareholders and providers of capital
  • key local contentLocal Content
    Create real opportunities for local people and local enterprise development
  • key social performanceSocial Performance
    Manage our business in a way that respects local communities and the impact our business has on them
  • key  sustainable suppply chainSustainable supply chain
    Build long-term sustainable supplier relationships
  • key stakeholder engagementStakeholder engagement
    Engage with and respond to all our stakeholders
Shared Prosperity chart