Our stakeholder priorities

We are committed to open and transparent communication with all our stakeholders. This section explores issues raised by our stakeholders, through a series of targeted engagements, that relate to our business.

Local content

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We are keenly aware that increased revenue from oil and gas production does not always lead to investment in education and infrastructure that supports a diverse economy for the longer term. That's why all of our Social Enterprise projects are focused on building an environment in which entrepreneurs will flourish. This means working to support a diversified economy by investing in education, developing small-to-medium enterprises (both within and outside our supply chain) and helping to create a skilled workforce.

As part of our registration and invitation to tender process, all potential contractors are required to provide us with information about their company, such as the names of parent companies. This helps us to investigate further and to understand the 'local' nature of each company. In addition to this, and because of the relative ease of registering as a national company, we also ask for proof of company's commitment to employing local nationals, the percentage of local nationals in the company's workforce and whether the company has a national content policy. Delivery against this commitment is monitored throughout the duration of the contract.

Issue raised by executive team/senior management.