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2014 Company Profile Nov 2014 PDF, 6.08MB
Ethiopia Country Factsheet Sep 2014 PDF, 6.29MB
Central and West Africa profile Sep 2014 PDF, 4.13MB
Mauritiania Country Factsheet Aug 2014 PDF, 2.93MB
Transparency Report Aug 2014 PDF, 1.15MB
Kenya Special Feature Jul 2014 PDF, 2.20MB
Ghana Report Jul 2014 PDF, 2.40MB
2014 Half–yearly results report Jul 2014 PDF, 1.03MB
2013 CR Report May 2014 PDF, 5.70MB
CR section of 2013 Annual Report Mar 2014 PDF, 185KB
Uganda Country Report Nov 2013 PDF, 4.88MB
2012 Corporate Responsibility Report May 2013 PDF, 5.58MB
CR section of 2012 Annual Report Apr 2013 PDF, 327KB
Local Content Policy Sep 2012 PDF, 3.34MB
2011/2012 CR Report GRI G3.1 Content Index Jun 2012 PDF, 551KB
2011/2012 Corporate Responsibility Report Jun 2012 PDF, 4.33MB
EHS policy May 2012 PDF, 936KB
Human rights policy Oct 2011 PDF, 669KB
Code of business conduct Aug 2011 PDF, 4.20MB
HIV/AIDS policy Sep 2010 PDF, 104KB
Glossary Jul 2009 PDF, 529KB
Harassment policy Jun 2009 PDF, 359KB
Equal opportunities policy Jun 2009 PDF, 515KB