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Dolphins in Gabon

Marine Protected Areas in Gabon

On Wednesday 12 November 2014 at the World Parks Congress opening ceremony in Sydney, President Ali Bongo of Gabon announced that he was establishing marine protected areas in over 23 percent of Gabon's territorial waters.

Cultural heritage preservation Kenya

Cultural heritage preservation - fossil avoidance

Lake Turkana Basin is home to many large and important collections of paleontological finds. While some of these areas have been discovered and recorded, many more sites remain undocumented.

Patience Akumu

Supporting young journalists in East Africa

Tullow has entered into a two year partnership with the David Astor Journalism Awards Trust (DAJAT), a London-based charity that works to promote, strengthen and support independent journalism in Africa.

Attendees of the Ghana industry parter forum

Championing anti-bribery and corruption with our industry partners

Tullow held its third successful industry partner forum, which aims to raise awareness of anti-bribery and corruption, the requirements of the UK Bribery Act, as well as Tullow's own Code of Business Conduct.

Kenya water scarcity

Water Scarcity

Access to potable water is a fundamental human right which we actively support. When designing projects, we examine the need for water and look to understand direct and indirect, negative and positive impacts of our operations on water sources. Water is used in varying degrees at all stages of the life cycle. In the production phase, typical volumes of water involved would be approximately 50 gallons of water for every barrel of oil produced.

Ethiopian Nurses

Ethiopian Nursing Programme

In Ethiopia there is a higher than average number of road traffic accidents compared to the rest of the continent. We are helping to build specialist emergency care capability by investing $93,500 per year to support 15 students to attend the trauma nurse training.

Ghana Fishermen

Community engagement on seismic surveying in Ghana

In 2012, Tullow initiated a seismic survey to identify further potential oil and gas reserves in the subsea rock formations in and around the Jubilee field.

Ghanaian Navy

Asset security and human rights

Security and human rights are a real risk in some of the African countries in which we operate, where the sensitive social environments potentially pose significant security risks to our personnel, assets and operations.

Murchison falls

Ugandan environmental baseline study

Exploration Area 2 (EA2) in Uganda lies withinthe Lake Albert Rift Valley, which is recognised by conservation organisations as one of Africa'smost important areas for biodiversity. It is characterised by the presence of numerous endangered, endemic and emblematic species,such as elephants, giraffes and chimpanzees,as well as important natural habitats.

Gabon Wildlife Society

Biodiversity Research with the Wildlife Conservation Society

In 2012 Tullow launched a marine environmental research programme in Gabon that will deliver biodiversity data to help quantify and qualify the area's rich offshore habitat.

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