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Last updated: 19 November 2014

Key statistics

1H 2014 Exploration and appraisal wells 1H 2014 Success rate
2 100%

Tullow has a one-third interest in each of four licences in the Lake Albert Rift Basin. Operating responsibilities within the basin are divided between the Partners: Total operates EA-1 and EA-1A; Tullow operates EA-2; and CNOOC Limited operates the Kingfisher Production Licence.

Since the first discovery was made at Mputa-1 in 2006, Tullow has drilled over 70 wells in Uganda. During 2013, operational activities have focused on completing numerous appraisal wells and flow tests with results achieving or exceeding expectations. These included the Waraga-3 well which discovered 93 metres of net oil pay, the largest pay tally since the start of the campaign, and the Jobi-6 well which successfully tested horizontal drilling techniques, resulting in enhanced well productivity. In addition, a 352 sq km 3D seismic acquisition across EA1 was completed. These successful activities continue to support our estimates of gross recoverable resources of around 1.7 billion barrels of oil. 

18 Month Exploration & Appraisal Programme