Attendance at meetings

The attendance of Directors at the eight scheduled meetings of the Board held during 2013 was as follows:

Meetings attended

Director No. of meetings attended (out of a total possible)
  1. Jeremy Wilson was appointed as a Director on 21 October 2013.
  2. Due to prior commitments, Jeremy Wilson and Steve Lucas were unable to attend one Board meeting. Jeremy Wilson had previously advised the Board that he would be unable to attend this meeting. Ian Springett was unable to attend one Board meeting because of illness. Graham Martin was unable to attend one Board meeting as he was appearing as a witness in Tullow's High Court action in London against Heritage.
  3. In addition to the Board members, a number of senior managers attend relevant sections of Board meetings by invitation.
Simon Thompson 8/8
Aidan Heavey 8/8
Tutu Agyare 8/8
David Bamford 8/8
Anne Drinkwater 8/8
Ann Grant 8/8
Steve Lucas 7/8
Graham Martin 7/8
Angus McCoss 8/8
Paul McDade 8/8
Ian Springett 7/8
Jeremy Wilson 1/2

2013 Annual Report

Published March 2014