Our people profiles

Our business and our success relies on working together, whether it is with investors, partners, host governments or local communities. Central to this are our people who make up the Tullow teams that work in all aspects of our business.

We have chosen some of these groups to demonstrate our commitment to diversity, local employment and the multi-disciplinary nature of our industry. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate our people, who are the foundation of our continued success.

Our operations in Uganda

We have a well-established and experienced team at our office in Kampala and on the shores of Lake Albert that is responsible, along with our partners, for delivering the next phase of development planning. In Uganda, over 88% of our total workforce are nationals. A number of graduate employees have been given the opportunity for additional training and have completed certified courses with the TTE Training Group in Middlesbrough, UK. The Field Stakeholder Engagement Officers and Supervisor in Uganda play a key role in communicating with local people, educating about the oil and gas industry, explaining the opportunities available to them and gaining the necessary cooperation for our operations to take place safely.