Life at Tullow

Our values underpin our culture and the way we do things. We are committed to open and transparent business dealings in every country we work in. We care for the environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility programme illustrates our drive to deliver growth responsibly.

Code of business conduct

Our business is becoming larger and more complex but our core principles remain the same. We believe in treating all our stakeholders with respect and integrity. You will find our general business principles, ethics & integrity policy, whistleblowing policy and human rights policy in our code of business conduct. All our employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders are expected to adhere to these principles.

Clear HR policies

Respect is a key word for Tullow. Our policies on equality and harassment are clear and in force across the Tullow world. Non-compliance is not an option.

Health, well being and safe working environment

Providing a healthy and safe working environment is high on our agenda - whether you are working in the office or in the field. This is demonstrated by:

  • Membership of a gym or sports club to keep fit and healthy; and
  • A voluntary and confidential well person health check programme for staff to attend a medical check-up every two years.

Employee Assistance Programme

The geographical spread of our operations means that we have Tullow people in many diverse and remote locations. This can result in an increase in the pressures on our daily lives. Diverse family structures, changing employment patterns and a wide range of other factors all contribute to busy lives. Everyday problems increase the pressure we are under. Often, all we need is information or clarification of our rights. To acknowledge this in Tullow, we have introduced an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP is a 24/7 service, which provides free access to a range of specialist support and information, including telephone counselling. This programme is available across all of our locations.


Tullow has an extremely diverse workforce. With 62 different nationalities we aim to create a working environment in which individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, having equal access to opportunities and resources. We strive to ensure that the differences in all of our people can contribute to Tullow's success. 

Developing in-country skills

Tullow has a strong reputation for employing local national staff wherever we operate. In 2014, nationals made up 86% of our permanent staff based in Africa. Our current major projects are located in countries that have no oil or gas industry and where relevant technical experience and skills are limited locally. Working with local government and universities, we are helping to build the skill base in our host countries.

Giving something back

We are proud of our reputation for giving something back to the communities in which we operate. We believe in engaging with communities and asking them for their priorities in terms of support. Our health and education programmes are sustainable and for the long term. Take a look at what we do.