A career at Tullow

Career opportunities at Tullow offer exciting new personal experiences and professional challenges.

Mobility is important

We have put in place a consistent approach to remuneration and encourage secondments to different projects, transferring technical expertise and enhancing skills and knowledge on a global basis. This broadens and develops our competitive edge in the industry and helps us attract and retain talented, ambitious and versatile people. Mobility is an important factor in our selection process.

Market based remuneration and policies

Our philosophy is to bring people into Tullow with whom we can build a strong, mutually beneficial and lasting relationship. We strive to recruit the best candidate for any position in Tullow and this goal is underpinned by our attractive market-based remuneration and employment policies.

Strictly merit based selection

Our selection decisions are based on merit and we do not discriminate on any grounds. In return we expect all our employees to be passionate about our business and want to make a difference. We always consider internal candidates for new opportunities and all external roles are also advertised on our intranet.

Focused training and development

We offer focused training and development opportunities, along with a wide variety of interesting projects in our core areas of operation. Our Board and management are committed to providing a clear sense of direction so all employees know what is expected of them and understand what the priorities are.

A thorough induction

If you come and work for Tullow the first thing you will receive is a thorough induction to the organisation. We have developed an e-induction programme which tells our story and explains how we do things. The e-induction is available wherever you are based and is the first step in your Tullow journey.

All offers directly from Tullow Oil plc

All job offers are made directly from the offices of Tullow Oil plc. All email and telephone correspondence regarding an offer is through the email addresses and telephone numbers given on the Contact us page of this website.

Hoax emails and calls

A warning about hoax emails and unsolicited phone calls