Petroleum Agreements

Last updated: 19 May 2011

As part of Tullow's commitment to transparency, we are publishing a copy of our Ghana Petroleum Agreements for both the Deep Water Tano Contract Area and the West Cape Three Points Contract Area; we also include a copy of the relevant Deeds of Assignment. The Petroleum Agreements are being published at the request of, and with the approval of, the Government of Ghana.

File Downloads

Petroleum Agreements File type/size
Deepwater Tano Contract Area, PA PDF, 7.01MB
West Cape Three Points Contract Area, PA PDF, 7.67MB
Deeds of Assignment
Deepwater Tano – Sep 2006 PDF, 1.35MB
DeepWater Tano – Mar 2008 PDF, 245KB
West Cape Three Points – Sep 2006 PDF, 397KB
West Cape Three Points – Mar 2008 PDF, 304KB
West Cape Three Points – Dec 2008 PDF, 2.44MB